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Guillaume Taylor’s presence on the board of four influential foundations brings invaluable resources to umbutu in its drive to move sustainability to deeper and more holistic levels

umbutu - fondation montagu


The primary objective of the foundation is to reinforce awareness and social change in the face of animal and environmental protection issues. Contributing to a change in behavior, particularly among young people, is a key issue for the foundation.

umbutu - Tour du Valat


Founded in 1954 by Luc Hoffmann, a visionary naturalist with a passion for ornithology, the Tour du Valat has since developed its research activities for the conservation of Mediterranean wetlands with the constant desire of : “Better understand wetlands to better manage it.”

Convinced that these rich but highly threatened habitats can only be conserved if human activities and natural heritage are reconciled, the Tour du Valat has been developing research and integrated management programs for several decades.

umbutu - BACOMAB


The BACoMaB Trust Fund aims to promote the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment of the Banc d'Arguin National Park, the Diawling National Park and other coastal and marine areas in Mauritania.


Fondation Margherita was created to support a group of resolute women driven to rescue Ukrainian orphan children from the ravages of war. Once achieved, the foundation evolved to bring to life Sofia de Meyer’s vision and call to action of a Caring Economy with, at its core center, Motherhood as a pivotal model in nurturing future leaders to design and implement a new model of society.

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Photography © Guillaume Taylor

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