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Short animation on Domenico Scarlatti produced by The Foundation du Sautereau founded by François Badoud.


Eddy Laffin

The correlation between Eddy Laffin, a French free diver based in Geneva, Switzerland, and Umbutu is more than just a sponsoring partnership. It’s about sharing the same values and beliefs on how we function and how we can achieve the impossible with the power of the mind. Deep diving is all about going into incredible depths, doing incredible distances underwater and holding your breath for what seems inhuman amounts of time – but it’s also about finding your inner peace. The breathing enables you to reach a calm mental state of mind which you must then maintain throughout the dive. This requires introspection, as you not only go to extreme depths, but you also must go deep into yourself to do it. Deep diving is about the exploration of oneself – finding your zone. To do this successfully, you must have incredible control of your body, mind, and soul. Everything must be in sync as you are entirely on your own. Deep diving is about ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’ and like Umbutu it’s a journey you take as an individual by choice. As a deep diver you must be in tune with your surroundings, whilst stepping out of your comfort zone and diving into the darkness of the unknown. Like Umbutu, deep diving represents the core values of humanity, life, reconciliation, and freedom. It’s a way of life, a way of plunging into the subconscious of the ocean and reconnecting with oneself and its environment. Each dive is a new plunge that requires letting go, believing in yourself and your choices and being aligned with all that you are and all that surrounds you. Free diving is more than just a sport, like Umbutu, it’s a journey that unfolds with time, practice, collaboration, training but most importantly with your mind and we all know that what the mind believes in the body achieves.

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Photography © Eddy Laffin

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