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Our Participations

Umbutu’s participations are overseen by GC Finance either directly or through vehicles managed by Astanor and Quadia, leading players driving social and environmental finance.

Meet our impact leaders below

umbutu - ASE Infra


Advancing the Sanitation Economy Infrastructure Partners is an impact investment facility founded in 2021. They invest in the sanitation assets of companies providing access to sanitation, circular waste treatment and digitized sanitation services in markets with critical unmet needs. Their purpose is to enable the growth and expansion of the sanitation economies. Their ambition is to change the game with a value creating investment case.

umbutu - LOOP


A new way to shop for all your favorite products without the waste.

With their brand, retail and operational partners, they are building a global ecosystem for the reuse movement that maintains the convenience and affordability that we have come to enjoy with a throw away lifestyle. Loop is on a mission to Eliminate the Idea of Waste® in an approachable way that is accessible to all.

umbutu - Fairphone


From the earth to your pocket, a smartphone’s journey is filled with unfair practices. They believe a fairer electronics industry is possible. By making change from the inside, they’re giving a voice to people who care.

umbutu - NC'Nean


Made by nature, not by rules. Nc’Nean is an independent, organic whisky distillery that exists to create experimental spirits and pioneer sustainable production. Founded in 2017 by Annabel Thomas, it is the country’s first fully organic distillery. Nc’Nean’s ethos is to appeal to a younger and diverse consumer base who is less inclined to drink neat spirits.



At Marysam, they are passionate about healthy food, sustainability and zero waste. MarySam is a local organic grocery store located in Crans Montana in Valais, that is committed to offering fresh, high-quality products from local agriculture without unnecessary packaging.

Their mission is to provide healthy food, produced locally, with respect for nature and local producers. 

MarySam is a proud local family business, which cares about the quality of food and its impact on the environment. At Marysam, we are here to help our customers eat healthily, responsibly and with an ecological awareness.

umbutu - Omnom Chocolates


Created by two friends in Reykjavík, Iceland, in 2013, Omnom is led by passionate chef Kjartan Gíslason and entrepreneur Óskar Þórðarson. Omnom produces small-batch, “bean-to-bar” chocolate, using the finest cacao beans sourced worldwide. Together, Gíslason and Þórðarson challenge the understanding of bean-to-bar chocolate production, and the way flavors and textures can creatively expand the business.



Their vision is to make solar energy available everywhere without grid-connection. Their passion is to push the limits of solar to make it applicable and affordable to all applications and truly benefit human communities.

umbutu - Quadia


Founded in 2010 in Geneva, Quadia is a pioneer in impact investing, financing innovative companies which strengthen the transition towards a regenerative economy and a one-planet world.

 Using proprietary impact management tools, Quadia takes a hands-on and dynamic approach to actively support investees with growth capital to scale their impact.

umbutu - Ynsect


The essence of Ÿnsect’s DNA is its reason of being. Ÿnsect’s goal is to “reinvent the food chain by offering, every day, to all consumers around the world, natural, healthy, tasty and sustainable food”. They are explorers, discoverers, doers. Ten years ago, they created a new agri-food industry, with the crazy idea of breeding and processing insects to contribute to the major challenges of our time: feeding the world’s population, preserving resources and biodiversity, and fighting global warming.

umbutu - Astanor


Astanor brings together capital, deep sector knowledge and a strong network of entrepreneurs, impact investors, technologies, scientists, farmers, chefs, policy makers and food lovers to give rise to a future of food that is nourishing, regenerative, scalable, trusted and delicious.



GC Finance is Umbutu’s financial arm, providing the organisation the means to support its core advocacy, participative and communication strategies.



Hanaku is a Swiss participative holding company taking majority and active stakes in companies driving Small Scale Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure (SCSRI) in the Sanitation Economy, Renewable Energy, and Life Sciences.

umbutu - Hamac


Their mission is to have as little impact on the environment as possible, protect biodiversity and reduce waste by making reusable nappies and swim nappies with the utmost care. Nappies free of toxins and with a patented leakproof technology.

umbutu - Maven Clinic


Maven’s pioneering virtual care model is built around women and families, delivering better outcomes and lower costs for everyone. They are setting a new standard of care for families across geographies, cultures, and backgrounds. They are the next generation of care for women and families.

winnow solutions - umbutu


Their mission is to connect the commercial kitchen, create a movement of chefs and inspire others to see that food is too valuable to waste. 


Exited Investments



OLIO connects neighbours with each other and with local businesses so surplus food can be shared, not thrown away.

i am who i am thanks to who we all are

umbutu - KoL


KōL puts to your service the expression of everything that the sustainable food value chain offers, in symbiosis with Mother Nature and ecology. A tailor-made accompaniment at each stage of your project and according to your needs, whether the design of a menu, sourcing the best ingredients, the creation of a concept, the opening of your corner shop, the uplifting of your business or hiring the best talents.

Biomimetic values are at the heart of our daily activities and their transmission and implementation our “raison d’être”.


Photography © Sabrine Thomée

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