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Sofia de Meyer and Sofi Khwaja at the Villars Institute 2023

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Guillaume Taylor presenting at Building Bridges 2023

Annabel Thomas, a whisky distiller's guide to the West Highlands

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Eddy Laffin takes the 3rd place at French Freediving Championship!

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Fairphone's Impact Report 2022 

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Guillaume presenting with La Mèche

Market Magazine and Guillaume Taylor 


Costing the Earth: How to Fix Finance to Save the Planet

Costing the Earth- How to Fix Finance to Save the Planet — Book Release - by Astanor Ventu

Mythic storytelling with Darren Silver

A conversation with Darren Silver

Sofia de Meyer mentioned in
Le Temps

Daughters for Earth

ASG: les rendez-vous de la profession 

Guillaume presenting with MeaningSphere

Guillaume presenting at Factory17

Factory17 is a unique and inspiring public event for all Building Bridges participants featuring the courageous and personal stories of Geneva’s leading pioneers, visionaries and entrepreneurs who are part of accelerating the shift towards a sustainable and inclusive economy.

Sofia de Meyer

Entrepreneuse éco-responsable

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Bergplaas Natural Reserve

Bergplaas’ Spirit of the Wild Programme : Connecting with Nature

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