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Our Philosophy 

Our activities are based on "Source Economics", a term coined by Darren Silver and Guillaume Taylor following their 2020 vision quest in an Oceanian sacred forest. Source Economics is defined as bringing economically influenced systems back to the essence of their original intent.


Economic systems have become disconnected from their original purpose of nurturing Common Good across whole value chains, resulting in social and environmental fracture on a massive scale. Returning to their original intent – by remembering who they are serving, how and why – will naturally realign these systems with the Common Good.


Our organisation’s name and soul is inspired by the original African term, Ubuntu, and by the symbol of the Baobab, known as the tree of life, which is represented in our logo.


I am because we are


The word Umbutu comes from an African concept of collective existence that serves as the basis of a social and humanistic ethic. Umbutu represents the core values of kindness, humanity, compassion, life, reconciliation, and freedom. It brings forth the human face to every aspect of life, as to be human is to listen to others and recognize their humanity. Umbutu invites us to embody moral values and justice because, as the Baobab symbolizes, « My happiness depends on yours, we are interconnected. »



The Baobab, a majestic spiritual symbol in Africa, and Umbutu, the ethos of African society as profoundly interconnected, together represent the core values of Source Economics, with its interweaving of ethics, sustainable development, and spiritual transcendence embodied in the natural world.


The tree of life

The baobab is the largest succulent tree in the world and it predates mankind and the splitting of the continents over 200 million years ago. It is the symbol of life and positivity in a landscape, and it plays a key role in the ecosystem. The baobab stands for strength, resilience, longevity, presence and grace, reminding us to face our challenges with courage and to pay attention to the things that matter most in life. It represents the magnificence of each human being’s natural legitimacy, authority and desire to survive and thrive, inspiring us to use this power for the purpose of a greater good, one that includes but also transcends the self.


At the heart of our approach at Umbutu is the belief that in every moment we can decide to reconnect with our common roots and the life force that sustains us all. From that state of inner alignment, as human beings, we can choose to think and act in a way that promotes individual and societal well-being.


The power of intention and focus that we can each draw on to bring our economic systems and society back into balance is neatly encapsulated in the three C’s of life: Choices, chances, changes… one must make a choice to take a chance to change our lives. 

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