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Kate Cacciatore began her career in the academic world as a lecturer in French Studies at University College London (UCL) having completed her degree and PhD in French at the same university in 1999. Then, in the early 2000s, she worked as Assistant Lecturer at the Università Carlo Cattaneo (LIUC) in Castellanza, Italy, in the Faculty of Economics at the Institute for Innovation in Sustainability. She then worked as a strategic marketing consultant in Milan at Radar Srl., applying an ethnographical methodology to help companies better understand the implications of socio-cultural trends for their purpose, brand and business strategy.   


In 2004, Kate joined the global semiconductor manufacturer, STMicroelectronics, where she created the Corporate Responsibility department and put in place the company’s first full Sustainability strategy. She spent nine years at the company, reinforcing its leadership in sustainability, which became firmly anchored in its culture, core business and branding. In 2006, she was elected to the board of directors of the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) – now the Responsible Business Alliance – where she served for six years representing STMicroelectronics. With oversight responsibility for Stakeholder Engagement & Communications, Kate played a key role in developing a relationship of trust and collaboration between the EICC and its diverse stakeholders and enabling the organization to report transparently on its progress. 


In 2013 Kate obtained an International Certificate in Organisation Management at the University of Geneva (IOMBA). That same year, she joined Edmond de Rothschild Group as Global Head of Sustainability, where she was responsible for embedding sustainability and responsible investment in the group’s strategy and driving implementation across asset management, private banking and private equity activities. Kate represented EdR Group on the board of directors of the UN Global Compact Switzerland and co-led the Training work group of Swiss Sustainable Finance to develop an e-learning course for investment professionals on Responsible Investment, which was made available to all members of SSF.


In 2019 Kate set out to explore the emerging domain of Teal organisations, which are human-centric, self-organising and inspired by nature. This led her to join MeaningSphere in 2020, a startup dedicated to meaningful work, where she became a Certified Practitioner of the Map of Meaning. In 2022, Kate took on the role of Head of Sustainability at FigBytes, a software platform that enables companies to manage and report on their Sustainability data and engage with stakeholders in line with their purpose and strategy. 


Kate joined Umbutu as Partner in 2024. Alongside this role she serves as Earth Ambassador at Home for Humanity, an inclusive movement bringing together local cultures and global Civil Society Organisations across all continents to build a regenerative future for all life on Earth. 

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