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Our Organisation

Umbutu is a Swiss participative organisation providing financial and sustainability support to companies and institutions whose products and services are driving common good across entire value chains.

Our Purpose is to enable Finance and Business to reconnect with a deeper, more holistic intention to have a positive impact on people and planet. 


We believe that our interconnectedness with the natural world, with each other and with a common source of meaning is intrinsic to our humanity. To thrive individually and collectively, our thoughts, decisions and actions must be aligned with fundamental human values such as compassion, respect and equality.  It is our conviction that inspired action from this place of higher consciousness – which we think of as a natural state of grace arising from spontaneous authenticity - is the key to transforming our global economy from an extractive model to a stewardship model. 

Our Mission is to animate and share an inspiring vision for the future of finance and business, and to harness collective intelligence, good will and resources to transform the way we invest and do business. We do this through the following activities: 


  • Thought leadership and convening of dialogue and reflection among finance and business leaders and professionals.

  • Participation as board members in foundations, finance institutions and impact-driven initiatives and organisations. 

  • Strategic support to foundations, finance institutions and impact-driven initiatives and organisations.

  • Convening groups of foundations, investors and stakeholders and enabling collective investments & capacity building activities for positive impact (e.g., Program-Related Investing, Mission-Related Investing, Ecosystem Investing).

  • Co-creating and supporting new impact business models and initiatives to transform existing economic ecosystems and create new ones.



Photography © Sabrine Thomée

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